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23 Aug 2014 - New firmware release for the Pentax K-3 v 1.11

This one's got a few folks head scratching as to what it actually addresses.  Undecided
However, my personal policy is that if Pentax want's us to update the firmware, I do it (and have already done it). As is usual for firmware updates - 1) read all the directions first, 2) charge your batteries, 3) oh, read the directions again and follow them.

Lest this question be asked, all Penta

31 Jul 2014 - New Q release!

I've seen several photos but no specs on a new Q which might be called the Q2 or Q-S1 yesterday.
No idea if this is real or not and the images of it -
are not very revealing either. Stay tuned.

11 Jul 2014 - Just released - Pentax K-3 v1.10 Firmware

Changes to K-3 Firmware - V1.10

    Added Diffraction Correction on Lens Correction (implemented first on the new Pentax 645Z). How to operate Diffraction Correction click here.

    Shortened processing time for Digital Filter and Color Fringe Correction.
    Improved stability for AWB (Auto white balance) performance.

24 Jun 2014 - K-3 used in Elinchrom flash Ad

Saw this cool video using these pro strobes all shot with a Pentax K-3 and gear. Check it out.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Also, I've tried to embed this video into the thread can can't seem to find the right combo for our forum. Anyone have a suggestion on how to post youtube videos here?

18 Apr 2014 - Rumor - Ricoh will announce a Pentax Full Frame camera this Fall

This is a rumor but apparently one with some credibility.

It's rumored that Ricoh will announce the long awaited full frame Pentax DSLR this fall at Photokina 2014.

No other info and again I emphasize that this is a rumor.

06 Feb 2014 - New Stuff from Pentax / Ricoh Announced

Too much to provide detail at this time, although go right ahead and post anything you see. However, Pentax / Ricoh announced a new

1. Pentax 645D called the 645D 2014 to be released this spring with a 50mb sensor and a tilt screen.
2. New 645 and Q lenses.
3. Updated lens road map. (there is promise of a new DA* telezoom lens)
4. WG-4 and WG-20 (waterproof point and shoot cameras) updating the WG-3. (one bit of news is that these are now all branded Ricoh not Pentax,
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